skins for your (e)-things

We are all about skins – attached to anything only inhibited by your imagination.

You name it, we’ve got our skin on it: naked or otherwise adorned. From the subtle to the garish, the prim to the outlandish, and every adjective in between.

Our fit is impeccable. We have pre-printed designs ready to go for all your phones and tablets. OR we/you can create a custom design to your custom device/gadget: from a mug to a truck.

It’s the rave in Asia. Catching a wave in Europe. Finally becoming a fav in America.

For a very small cost, you can dress any electronic device of your choice in any image of your choosing or creation. These images are transposed on to what we call “skins,” which are then stuck on to the device of your picking.

What sets us apart from other “skin” creators, is the ability to also match the wallpaper of the device to your skin.

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The electronic devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Cellphones & Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Mp3 players
  • Cameras
  • iPads & ebooks
  • Game consoles

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Besides that, you also have the flexibility of two separate designs OR one different but cohesive design for the front and the back of your electronic device. This will create a UNIQUE and personalized design solely for yourself.

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Skin designs are printed on 3M grade materials and various finishes. (Comparable generic materials are also available at a lesser cost but of inferior quality)

We have over 4000 pre-set designs to choose from, over 100 custom designs from the creator to opt for OR, for the adventurous fashionista, a chance to flex your creative muscles with your own photos, images or creation. Choices are limitless.

You are only limited by your creativity.

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