We provide you with a cutter to customize each skin to a device of the buyer’s choice and 300-500 pieces of preprinted designs on your first consignment. You must have internet access in order for the cutters to work. These designs include, but are not limited to, mobile phone skins, PSP and iPads.

Your commission is 50% of anything you sell of the determined set price list of each item.

For example, if the price of a mobile skin is $20, you keep $10 as your commission. Say you sell 100 mobile skins. Your net profit will be $1000, whereby the other $1000 will be paid to us.  It is then your prerogative to sell as many pieces as possible to up your net profit.

We do, however, require a small deposit for the items that are given to you, as an assurance that our products are not absconded and to ensure that you are truly serious about the venture. At the end of the 30 days (said consignment period), your deposit will be returned to you after you drop off the unsold products, cutter and the 50% of sale of products. {n.b. – you have to check back with us after two (2) weeks of taking possession of the goods}

If, you decide to continue with the business after 30 days, you can use the earlier deposit to offset the cost of purchasing the cutter and we will continue to provide you with the preprinted designs.

We are very excited to move this business along, as it has a unique selling proposition. Most electronic device skin makers only create designs for the outer visible shell, for obvious reasons, so as not to cover your screen. Our skins are not only customized with designs on 3M materials, but they come with matching downloadable wallpapers to complete the design. That means, your phone (or electronic gadget) becomes a fully and continuously customized design – back AND front. There is no such competitor in the market at this point.

If you are interested, please contact us through email or at 201.751.5770 and briefly tell us how you intend to sell this product and where. Once we determine if you are the right fit for the company, and a contract is signed, the materials will be supplied to you.

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